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Gosnells is 17km South-East of Perth. Serving a population of almost 80,000, it is known for its great climate, pleasant residential living, markets, bush walks, wildlife parks and winery. Gosnells was first developed by European settlers in 1829, with the loam soils and abundant waters of the Canning River running through the City providing the means for settlement of the region. The area is rich in historical buildings from times past, reflecting the lifestyle of the early pioneers and offering a unique opportunity to experience an integral part of Western Australia's history.

Gosnells is around the same size as Paris, at 127 square kilometres, and continues to grow rapidly with about 45% of the City area remaining to be developed. It is anticipated that over AUD$1.8 billion of development opportunities will occur over the next 10 years. The City enjoys a community of spirit, diversity and culture with a good reputation for that famous down to earth Australian friendliness.

Gosnells is the fourth largest local government in Western Australia, with the responsibility of ensuring delivery of a wide range of services to a diverse community. There have been significant changes in the Council to better meet the challenges of the 21st Century and the changing needs of the community, including a strong focus on customer service, an emphasis of more from less in terms of value for money and an even greater degree of consultation with the public.